Viaggo Alla Musica! (VAM!)

Iowa State University
Semester: Fall 2011
Course: Architectural Studio
Instructor: Jason Alread

CSI Competition
Undergraduate architecture competition
Fall 2011 (Individual; Nominated; Finalist)

“Viaggo Alla Musica” (VAM) or “Journey to Music” is an avant-garde symphony center for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Located in the Italian neighborhood of North End next to the city harbor, the building was designed to take advantage of the different views of the area while exploring the idea of procession…

In essence, VAM seeks to create an experience within the void space that lies between point A and point B… the space between the main lobby and the symphony hall… The goal was to make the “journey” to the main hall not a direct and banal route through a set of vestibule doors; but rather, an interesting and engaging experience that provides nooks for people watching, dining, and lounging while still allowing the familiar direct entrance if need be.