The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center

Client: The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center
Project duration: May 2013
Project type: Healthcare, Proposal

Tasks: Space planning; documenting existing conditions in Revit; material selection; rendering
Programs: Revit Architecture; Adobe Photoshop

A quick proposal for a new addition to The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center. I worked with Ken Lee (principal) and Albert Filoni (principal) to produce 3 different floor plans, 5 patient room layouts, 2 exterior elevation options, and a handful of rendered interior perspectives.

Modest Approach
The simplest approach of the three schemes. In all of the schemes we feature a central living room, dining, and kitchen area. We were trying to go for a feel that was more “home-like” rather than institutional.
– Makes use of the existing stair on the first floor.
– Director’s office stays in the existing location.
– No addition to original building footprint.
– Minimal circulation space.

More Ambitious Approach
A more ambitious scheme that consisted of a primary circulation core and two separate patient room “wings.”
– Large central living room, dining, and kitchen area.- Balcony off of living room.
– Central use work area.
– Use of existing stair.
– No addition to original building footprint.

Most Ambitious Approach
The most ambitious approach of the three, we explored the option of modestly extending beyond the building footprint to allow for better circulation.
– Modest addition to building foot print.
– Central living room and dining space.
– Use of the existing stair.

Patient Rooms, Traditional
Two patient room options that explored the positioning of the bathroom within the unit.

Double Suite
We explored the idea of having linked patient rooms that would allow for more space for larger families.

Added features
In these two schemes we explored the idea of adding bay windows and balconies to allow children access visually and/or physically to the outdoors.

Elevation Studies
We conducted two quick elevation studies to get an understanding of how the addition might look. We chose to go with an addition that was in character with the existing building as requested by the client.