Shape Memory Alloy Louver

Carnegie Mellon University
Semester: Fall 2012 (1st semester)
Course: Biologic
Instructor: David Clifford

In my 1st semester at Carnegie Mellon University I took the class: Biologic. The class was centered around the creation of building technologies that mimic organisms in the natural environment. We were broken up into teams of 3-4 and assigned a particular organism. My team was assigned the plant Mimosa Pudica. This plant responds to physical touch by curling its leaves and recoiling away from the source of the stimulus.

Our project was a simple wooden “louver” that we were thinking could be used a sun-shading mechanism. My task on the team was to work on the electronics aspect of the project, in particular the utilization of SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) and capacitive sensors. Below are a few test videos of the project.

SMA Louver, Test 1
SMA Louver, Test 2
SMA Louver, Test 3
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