Oddity in the Forest

Iowa State University
Semester: Spring 2010 (4th Semester)
Course: Passive Solar House Design
Instructor: David Block

Passive Solar Calculations:
CODEHOME (skylights are open) (PDF, 25kb)
CODEHOME 08 (skylights are closed) (PDF, 25kb)
(links open in a new window)

Oddity in the Forest is a passive solar house I designed in undergraduate architecture school. The Oddity sits back on the site, tucked away in the dense foliage of the forest. It peaks out, a strange angular creature in the midst of the soft curves found in nature. Its facade peeling away to reveal the structure underneath, much like a tree and its bark. Its only access, a bridge that spans across the steep slope of the site. It is as much an art piece as it is a home.