Museum of Art, Design, and Industrial Innovation

Iowa State University
Semester: Spring 2011
Course: Architectural Studio
Instructor: Gregory Palermo

Figge Art Museum Exhibit
Undergraduate architecture exhibit
9/3/11 – 10/23/11 (Individual; Selected)
Exhibit Boards/Presentation
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Why does the “back of the house” have to be concealed? Why does there have to be the great dividing line between the “public” and what some consider to be the “private.” This is the premise of my project, my underlying question and conceptual basis.

My scheme is a series of worlds that revolve around one central heart beat… It is about experience… it is about that initial moment… it is about turning the guts of a system inside-out – to take what was once concealed behind closed doors and to expose it. I do not see the “back of the house” as a private affair; I see it as a play on a theatrical stage, one that is ever changing, one that is there to educate and to enlighten.

In this place, the viewer has the opportunity to watch as an artifact is unloaded from the truck, documented and then stored. It is also in this place, that one can watch as a diesel engine or grandfather clock is dissected, repaired, and then reassembled.

This is an educational experience, a unique experience, and dare I say a much needed experience. Because a museum should not just be a censored, set-up display, but an educational, enlightening, and entertaining one.