Fort Lauderdale Green Rating System

Carnegie Mellon University
Semester: Fall 2014 (3rd semester)
Course: LEED Buildings and Green Design Concepts
Instructor: Nina Baird
Teammate: Michael Phoenix Lynes

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In my 3rd semester at Carnegie Mellon University I took the class: LEED Buildings and Green Design Concepts with the instructor Nina Baird. The main assignment was to construct a green rating system for a given city and building type. We were assigned to teams of 2-3. My team mate was Michael Phoenix Lynes and our city was Fort Lauderdale, Florida (my hometown). Our building type was multi-family midrises.

The document was divided into several sections: city background, site + transportation, water efficiency, energy conservation, materials + resources, and indoor environmental quality. All these sections focused on issues and features relevant to the city of Fort Lauderdale. Features and issues included water resources such as aquifers, seasonal drought, photovoltaic potential, and the suburban planning of the city.

The total document ended up being 130 pages long. It was based off local city codes, LEED 4.0, and other international rating systems such as the Pearl Rating System from Abu Dhabi. Throughout the process I became very familiar with different rating systems and comfortable with their format. This class and document inspired me to pursue LEED accreditation, and as such I earned my LEED Green Associate in November of 2014 with a score of 195/200.

To the left is a link to the full document on ISSUU. Images shown below are pages pulled from the original document.