Critter Generator

Carnegie Mellon University
Semester: Spring 2013 (2nd semester)
Course: Interactive Art and Computational Design

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In my 2nd semester at Carnegie Mellon University I took the class: Interactive Art and Computational Design (IACD). The class was a fast paced course that introduced students to a number of computational mediums.

As for this project. I have to start by saying I’ve always been a “chronic doodler” and had the habit of plastering sketches at my studio desk, my cubicle at work, and at my home office… Things just come to me and I can’t help but put them on paper. That said I’ve always been a big fan of monsters and fantastical otherworldly creatures. This project was a QUICK project, something that never got fully realized. But basically in a nut shell I wanted to create a monster or critter generator, something that would take bits and pieces of my sketches and splice them together into something new and crazy. I never got to that point, but I did create a simple generator that spat out fluffy balls and little pudgy stick creatures.