Consolidated Morgue and Visitation Center

Client: Not to be disclosed
Project started: June 2017
Project type: Military/Hospital, New Construction
Project size: ~1,850 square meters
Project location: Not to be disclosed

Basic program requirements: Meditation rooms; waiting room and lounge areas; body preparation rooms; autopsy and observation room; body holding; laboratory; offices; lockers and other employee facilities; wood shop; casket storage; wood material storage; utility rooms
Tasks: RFP documents; space planning; exterior façade and building design; attended meetings with the client and modified documents “on-the-fly”
Programs: Revit Architecture

Michael Baker International
500 Grant St #5400
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-269-6300

Michael Baker International was tasked with the creation of RFP documents for a Consolidated Morgue and Visitation Center located within a military hospital campus in the Middle East. The exact location and client for this project cannot be disclosed. Michael Baker’s services included architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, fire protection design, mechanical design, plumbing design, civil design and structural design.

I assisted the discipline lead in the creation of the RFP drawing set for the new 1,850 square meter facility. The facility program included 2 meditation rooms, a meditation garden, 2 waiting/lounge rooms, 5 body preparation rooms, 1 isolation/infection control room, 1 combined autopsy and observation room, 3 body holding rooms, several offices, a laboratory, lockers and other employee facilities, a wood shop, casket storage, wood and material storage, and utility rooms. Special consideration had to be taken with the shape of the building due to existing conditions on the site. In addition to the basic program, the facility also had to be constructed to accommodate a tunnel in the future that would connect a nearby hospital to the facility. The exterior was designed to match the existing morgue and hospital on site. Like the buildings around it, the architecture was meant to be monolithic and austere, similar to a mausoleum.

I was responsible for producing the RFP drawing set using Revit Architecture 2016, including but not limited to the space planning for the building, the exterior building design, and resolving any conflicting programmatic issues. Additional responsibilities included coordination with the engineering disciplines, acting as the BIM/CAD manager for the project, assembling packages for the submissions, responding to client comments, and attending meetings with the client where documents were modified “on-the-fly”. All work was done under the supervision of a senior architect.