BIDS Case Study

Carnegie Mellon University
Semester: Fall 2014 (3rd semester)
Course: Productivity, Health and the Quality of Buildings
Instructor: Vivian Loftness

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In my 3rd semester at Carnegie Mellon University I took the class: Productivity, Health and the Quality of Buildings with the instructor Vivian Loftness. The main assignment for the semester was to create a document that contained 4 case studies. These case studies would potentially become a part of the BIDS (Building Investment Decision Support) tool. Each case study was based on one paper that supported a statement, I.E. Acoustic Privacy = Increased Productivity.

For my 4 case studies I chose papers that supported both improvements in acoustics and increased daily physical exercise. The images below are the 4 Power Point slides from the document. To see the full document refer to the link to the left, the project will open in a new window using ISSUU.